Hotel concierge and help desk services are critical for guests but difficult to maintain.  Hotel managers struggle with long concierge lines during peak hours and are usually not able to justify off-hours services at all.  Virtual Attendant’s on-demand, true-to-life experience makes the 24×7 concierge a reality by delivering all of the capabilities of a staffed service at a fraction of the costs.

bullet_arrow Digital signage and a simple touch-screen to make it easy for the guest to recognize a video concierge and request help.

bullet_arrow Based on criteria selected by the guest, the call is routed to a remote agent who has the appropriate subject expertise or language skills to help the guest.

bullet_arrow Transactions like map sharing or brochure printing are controlled by the remote agent.

bullet_arrow All video call and transactional data is recorded for guest traffic analysis, activity reporting, and other analytics.