Retailers know that the most effective way to generate sales is through great customer service, but often struggle with the operational expense of staffing and training in-store experts.  The Virtual Attendant makes it possible to deliver on-demand, live access to a subject matter expert for product information, training, tech support, or service.

bullet_arrow Our customized designs for in-store kiosks or pods help you create the look, feel and experience you want for your customers.

bullet_arrow Digital signage and a simple touch-screen make it easy for a customer to request help.

bullet_arrow Nexistant’s skills-based video routing will find the available expert based on the customer’s request.

bullet_arrow Life-size, high-definition video creates the experience of a live conversation.

bullet_arrow Transactions like document sharing or printing, signature capture, credit card reading, etc. are controlled by the remote expert.

bullet_arrow All transactional data is recorded for reporting, sales data, and analytics.


The Virtual Attendant helps retailers maximize sales and support customers in the most cost-effective way!