Agent Desktop

The Agent desktop is a PC application that allows a remote agent to easily manage calls, control transactions, and report activity. The agent’s intuitive graphical user interface is designed to perform each step in the process of greeting and providing service to a guest while maintaining a true-to-life, face-to-face conversation.


Set up your view and manage your end points

The agent can see what he or she will look like when greeting a guest, and adjust the camera, speaker and microphone settings to perfect the experience.

Monitor your service areas

Put the services area in the desired state of readiness (for example, open and ready to service guests), which will display the appropriate signage on the remote kiosk.  Monitor the areas on your screen to see if any guests need help.

Answer video calls from the service area or call out to guests

Guests can request help from you by using the touch screen or activating a sensor, and you can call out to your guests proactively.







Control remote devices and process transactions for your guests


Using your application-specific screens, perform the transactions you need to help your guests, including controlling devices in the service area, collect necessary data, capture images, and share screens or documents.  Close the call by recording any other critical information you need for data reporting or performance tracking, all of which is saved to our Virtual Attendant Call Center’s database.  The data can be used for reporting, performance monitoring, agent collaboration, or integration with third party applications.


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