Nexistant and its partners provide video teller and video banking services with the Virtual Attendant solution.   The concept is a highly-skilled group of agents provide teller assistance to many remote branches, maintaining the same level of service at a significantly lower cost.  High-definition video coupled with skills-based video routing and transactional kiosks allow for a true-to-life experience that provides all of the services of a traditional teller.

A number of problems can be solved with this solution. Banks can extend services to areas that were not practical in the past. Emergency banking services can be provided in disaster zones. Banks looking for a short-term increase in services (for example, creating accounts for college freshmen during the first week of school). Finally, banks looking to increase levels of service amid decreasing branch traffic can do so at a practical cost.

The Virtual Attendant offers the following key functions to make this service possible:

bullet_arrow Attractive signage or video makes it easy for the customer to inquire about a transaction or service.

bullet_arrow A videoconferencing session can be initiated by the customer using a touch-screen, or proactively initiated by the remote agent by viewing activity in front of the kiosk.

bullet_arrow Once a call is initiated, skills-based video routing directs the video call to the appropriate agent.  This can be accomplished by selections made by the customer on the touch screen (for example, “Open a new account”, or by call forwarding after an agent greets the guest and screens for his or her interest).

bullet_arrow The service is then presented to the customer using high-definition, lifesize video, giving the agent the ability to make eye contact with the customer, creating a true-to-life experience.

bullet_arrow Remote transactions can be performed to deliver the service, including sharing documents, capturing a signature, verifying identity, dispensing documentation or other materials, etc.