Remote Video ServiceNexistant and our partners provide a turnkey managed service for the Virtual Attendant Solution.  We provide:

Customized End point design
We understand that customers may want to brand their own lobbies as well as request of alternative devices to support their operations. We can help customers to design the lobby appliance and integrate into our software platform.

Project Planning & Installation
We understand that every lobby is different. We survey each lobby to ensure that visitors will have the optimal experience.

Our maintenance services will keep the unit clean, well-stocked with consumables and fully functional.

Technical Support
We offer many kinds of technical support and consultancy on visitor management and facility security process. We can help customers to make use of latest technologies on these areas.

Nexistant offers product training for customers and partners as well as agent training for new receptionists.  We specialize in helping our customers and partners understand the change management aspects of a Virtual Attendant deployment.

Software Hosting
The Nexistant server software can be hosted by a commercial cloud computing service. Customers do not need to have a data center infrastructure to support the service.

Data Reporting and Maintenance
Our data and reports will help customers understand the effectiveness and efficiency of your resources. We provide data backup, reporting and analysis.