Residential Real Estate

Residential security is a growing concern in both the urban and suburban markets.  Whether it’s an urban residential tower or a sprawling gated community, access control is a growing expense for Building Managers and Home Owner’s Associations. Nexistant’s high-definition videoconferencing solution allows managers and associations to provide all of the capabilities of a staffed service including:


bullet_arrow Remote Reception

bullet_arrow Vehicle Detection

bullet_arrow Greeting and Registration

bullet_arrow Host Contact

bullet_arrow Printed Parking Pass

bullet_arrow Guest Assistance

bullet_arrow Gate Control

bullet_arrow Gate Maintenance Dispatch

bullet_arrow Security Dispatch


Cost-Efficient Staffing for Guarded Communities

Our team is able to cover dozens of communities at once, so the cost to manage a single community is much lower than that of a dedicated attendant. If your community is providing 24×7 guard services at your gates, the Virtual Attendant solution is an exciting alternative to staffing your off-hours shifts.   A full-time security guard may handle as few as two to four visitor transactions a night. The result is a service that provides all of the benefits of full-time staffing, at a fraction of the cost! We will provide the same level of service and free up your budget for more critical projects in your community.

Improved Service for Unguarded Communities

Chances are your community wants gate reception services but simply cannot justify a full time guard.  Finally, there’s an alternative.  The Virtual Attendant will allow you to greet and process your guests as though you had a full-time gate attendant, at a cost that makes sense.