VA Call Center

The Nexistant VA Call Center software application is the heart of the Virtual Attendant solution.  Our software is the engine that provides the synchronization of videoconferencing, skills-based routing, device control, management and reporting of all elements in the solution.  The VA Call Center can easily be integrated with third party applications including HD video, transactional devices, and critical business systems (access control core banking, etc.).  The features below deliver the end-to-end support for any Virtual Attendant deployment.


Videoconferencing integration

The VA call center is a technology agnostic engine that can support top H.264 and H.323 high-definition videoconferencing systems.

Skills-based video call routing

Based on criteria selected by your guest and your defined policies, the VA Call Center senses a remote service request and routes the video call to the appropriate remote agent.

Device Control

Our software supports a variety of 3rd party transactional devices (card reading, signature capture, etc.) which can be remotely controlled by the agent via the Agent Desktop in order to complete a transaction.




Provisioning, Management and Diagnostics


The VA Call Center supports the setup and management of all elements in the network, available via our flexible Administrative Portal tool.

Data Aggregation and Storage

All video, transactional and diagnostic data is stored in our VA Call Center’s database for reporting and viewing via the Administrative Portal.

Reporting and Viewing

Data is available for viewing via our Administrative Portal and can be exported for reporting and analysis.





Cloud or Hardware Availability

Our application is available on a Windows server or delivered by a secure cloud service.  Contact us to determineWhite_Background what is the best for your deployment.

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