The Virtual Attendant

Nexistant’s Virtual Attendant Solution offers a warm, human experience over life size, high-definition video.  The concept is a small group of remote experts covering dozens (or hundreds) of service areas around the world.  The solution delivers all of the capabilities of full-time staffing at a fraction of the cost, while adding new services like extended hours of coverage, language support, and digital signage.  The Virtual Attendant extends entire organizations into new places without the burden of staffing each location while centralizing the management and expertise of the services provided.  Our solution integrates with existing systems like access control, visitor management, core banking, etc., making it a logical extension of any business process.
Our Virtual Attendant solutions enable service personnel to fully engage in the customer’s environment with an array of sensory input and device controls.  While remote agents control the interaction, the customer is free to act naturally.  Agents also maintain continuous awareness of the area, even when not “on a call.”
The Virtual Attendant’s unique skills-based routing feature determines the appropriate remote expert to handle an incoming service request, based on criteria selected by the guest.  By pooling labor and allocating skills according to need, the solution provides cost-effective, true-to-life, human presence when and where you need it.
The solution consists of the components:
bullet_arrow The Virtual Attendant Kiosk, including touch-screen, monitoring and transactional devices which deliver the services required by a remote receptionist, concierge, teller, or other remote expert.  We offer customization to optimize for your environment.
bullet_arrow Agent desktop software for a remote agent, making it easy to monitor service areas, initiate or transfer calls, manage the transactions and guest experience, and control devices remotely.
bullet_arrow An Agent Station designed deliver eye contact, life-size high definition video interaction, and document sharing.
bullet_arrow The Virtual Attendant Call Center software, which synchronizes the voice, video, device control and transaction data on an IP network, while recording all information for reporting and diagnostics.  Nexistant’s software pools labor and allocates skills according to need; it also coordinates sensory control and data communications in real time.  Our software is available via server or cloud service.
bullet_arrow Management and Reporting tools that support system configuration and management, transaction detail reporting, performance statistics and health monitoring.
bullet_arrow Managed Services assessment, installation, maintenance, support, and turnkey remote receptionist services.