Solutions Providers

Nexistant’s partners deliver comprehensive, end-to-end Virtual Attendant solutions for a variety of applications.  Our partners cover all aspects of a Virtual Attendant installation, including:


bullet_arrow Assessments and solution design

bullet_arrow Staging

bullet_arrow Network Connectivity, including VPN setup and management

bullet_arrow Installation

bullet_arrow Maintenance

bullet_arrow Support

bullet_arrow Training


Contact our partners directly or our team at for more information.


Physical Security managers today are concerned with more than just installing access control and cameras.  They are looking for programs, processes and technology solutions that grow with their organization and protect assets, IP and people.  N2NSecure has built a team of professionals that set industry standards and continually improve best practices.

Our expertise can address your local and global security needs, either as an embedded resource or on-demand.  We have managed projects across the globe from Paris to Jakarta, delivering on time at a level required by U.S. corporations.

Our experience managing global enterprises Fortune 1000 companies, and a track record of proven success in innovation and efficiencies, means we have solutions to fit any size or scope project you may have.  We will deliver the people, processes, and technologies that will bring clarity to your physical security program or project.