Administrative Portal

The Administrative Portal is a secure web interface that provides the tools you need to provision and manage all the elements in the system, while tracking performance, health and efficiency.


Define your service areas

Admin_Portal_3Define the locations, network addresses, and relevant security parameters of your kiosks or other end points.

Define your skills-based routing policies

Set up the skills, locations or other parameters that you will assign to your remote agents. These policies will determine how your guests’ service request calls are routed to your agents.





Register your agents


Create profiles of your remote agents, including their particular skill sets (for example, language) and relative skill strengths. You can also assign your agents to specific locations here.


View transactional details

Every detail in a video call is recorded by the Virtual Attendant Call Center database. Using the portal you can view and export data for reporting, performance monitoring, diagnostics, and analytics.

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